Logo zAurum PHP: mass payment software Wed, 21-Mar-2018 11:01:30


There are a few things one can tune and change to make zAurum work slightly differently.

1. Replacing HTML template. The zaurum.html file included is the distribution is a sample file. One can use any other template file. Just place the following HTML comment:

     <!-- "Output" -->
into any place where zAurum PHP content shoudl appear to make the application screens look as you wish.

Note: even the quick look into zaurum.php file can give you necessary hints on how integrate zAurum into your own HTML design. zAurum has rudimentary template-engine features that can be used to integrate it almost anywhere.

2. Enabling imitation mode. There is a line in zaurum.php file looking like this:

    define("ZAURUM_IMITATION_MODE", false);

If you replace «false» with «true» (no quotation marks!), zAurum PHP will function in debugging (imitation) mode. In this mode

-- no ECP calls are made; all account data are replaced by built-in values
-- all operations (Confirm and Verify) are always successful

This is mode best used when debugging zAurum. It is of little practical use. You can use it in your automation software to make demo tours over your site. Note that «authorization» with ECP is always successful in this mode, so you can use any string as passphrase.

3. Miscellaneous tuning. By changing the string

    define("ZAURUM_SK_RECORDS_PER_PAGE", 10);

and specifying an integer larger than 10, one can make zAurum display more (or less) than 10 payment records per page.

In zaurum.class.php there is a function «Zaurum_make_RN_selector» containing the following lines

    static $rns = array(
	1 => "current record",
	5 => "5 next records"

You are free to enlarge the second entry and/or add new ones (I hope you catch an idea). However, please refer to Implementation notes first.