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It is assumed below that you are aware on how to transfer files to your Web-server directories, set proper files access rights and so on.

1. Download the latest (preferably) version of zAurum PHP from Files section of zaurum project site:

IMPORTANT: it is highly recommended that you download the files ONLY from download sites. We make no assumptions on what can happen if you obtain zAurum archive from any other source.

2. Unpack the downloaded archive into the target directory (so that files in it can be served by your Web-server). You need at least these files to make zAurum PHP work:

    zaurum.php        Sample (but fully functional) zAurum application page
    zaurum.class.php  All the zAurum PHP internal classes and functions
    zaurum.html       Template HTML file used by zAurum PHP. You can use your own here
                      (see Implementation notes)

3. Enable automation for the e-gold account you will be perform payments from. To do that, follow this sequence of actions:

a) open e-gold site (type in Location field of your browser --
b) log in to your account
c) click Account options link in the right upper part of the screen
d) scroll to the very end of the page; there will be Account Attributes section. In Automation access area select radio button «Allow from Any IP Address» (if you will use the zAurum from the same computer and if you know that computer's IP address, it is perhaps betterto specify the exact IP address)

That's all. Now, type the URL denoting the zaurum.php file mentioned above and start using zAurum PHP.

If you are a daring sort of person, you can tune a few parameters in the source files.