Logo zAurum PHP: mass payment software Wed, 21-Mar-2018 11:01:20


zAurum PHP is a Web-application implemented in PHP scripting language. It's goal is to make it easy to perform mass funds transfer with easy to use Web-interface.

zAurum PHP is implemented as PHP class, thus allowing you to incorporate all its features into existing (or written from the scratch) PHP application of yours. You will have to make very few changes to allow zAurum class to operate.

Although zAurum PHP was heavily tested only on Win32, Linux and FreeBSD platforms, it should run smoothly on every platform providing PHP scripting support.

One doesn't need to buy a shared or other kinds of hosting to make use of zAurum PHP. In fact, all you need is a computer connected to Internet. It's very easy to install HTTP server with PHP support (see also Requirements section) and start using zAurum literally in 10-15 minutes. Perhaps even sooner.