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Below are listed all the requirements that should be met in order zAurum PHP could be installed and used on your system.

PHP version 4.3.1 or higher; Sessions, OpenSSL and Curl support must be enabled. Although zAurum PHP may as well run under lower versions of PHP, it wasn't thoroughly tested on them. You are welcome to test it with earlier versions of PHP and send us your comments.
NOTICE: if you plan to use your own computer with Win32 kind of OS (Windows98SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP) as a platform to run zAurum PHP from, all the features required for zAurum PHP are available in standard PHP distribution. If you choose this approach, I recommend using Apache 1.3.27 and PHP 4.3.1 for Win32. Details are available at
Apache HTTPd home
PHP home
One can test whether the required features are enabled by creating a small PHP script containing this single string:
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
and running it. It is not task of this reference to teach you how to install OpenSSL, Curl etc support; please refer to these on-line sources: PHP home
Curl: Curl home
OpenSSL: OpenSSL home

HTML 3.2 or higher-capable browser. Although this requirement is almost always met nowadays, it is necessary to mention.

Ability to connect to e-gold site via HTTPS protocol. If you can't access e-gold site via HTTPS (secure) protocol, zAurum PHP won't work.

Source e-gold account with automation enabled. There is a special step you should perform to allow your e-gold account to be used with zAurum PHP. More details in Installation section.