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We can support you

Every serious, developing project demands support. So far, I managed to reply to support requests by email. But since it requires a lot of time, I invite you to use zaurum site to post bug reports, features requests and so on.

You can support us

Of course you can support us. Do you need reliable, open-source, stable, full of features ECP interface software? Start using zAurum. Recommend it. Promote it by civilized means. Persuade people to use ECP -- and our autopayment software.

Please be nice and conform to netiquette. Do not use UCE/SPAM if promoting by email. Do not refer to us, stating things that are not true (concerning zAurum). The more attention is attracted to zAurum, the quicker it will evolve!

Let's work out services and ideas that could benefit all the zAurum customers. For example, do you need we should create our own autopay site? We can. We can offer fees lower than anyone else on the Net. Do you need that? Tell us so!

If you decide to support us by donating funds -- please use the form at the bottom of the page. Please keep in mind: you are NOT obliged to pay. But if you do -- you will help to make zAurum better.

Do you wish to produce derived work? Great, you can donate to open-source software depository. Just keep in contact, so we could assist (say, promote) each other.

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