Logo zAurum PHP: mass payment software Wed, 21-Mar-2018 11:01:54

Implementation notes

Session-related issues

zAurum is a stateful application; its data are stored in PHP sessions. Thus, all the limitations and issues related to PHP sessions may affect zAurum functionality.

First, sessions may expire if there is long pause between HTTP requests to the same Web-server zAurum is running on. By default, PHP parameter defining the life span of session is set to 1440 seconds (see the description of session.gc_maxlifetime php.ini parameter for more information). Perhaps it's a good idea both increase this parameter and make no long pauses when working with zAurum.

Second, although it is said that zAurum may accept and process an arbitrary number of payment records, it should be kept in mind that memory allocated to processes is limited; if you are planning to create autopayment site, please take measures to limit resources available to each payment session. Perhaps a special control parameter will be added in the next release of zAurum.

Third, you may have noticed that the number of records that can be processed at once is limited by 5 (although it's easy to enlarge the number). Very large numbers may stumble over another PHP limitation: script execution time. It's not a good idea to make it very large (every piece of software has bugs; the unlimited or too high amount of time granted to scripts can eat up server resources).