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User's Guide

Although zAurum is self-explanatory and rather obvious in usage, certain comments should be made.

ALWAYS pay attention to the red diagnostics messages displayed on top of the page. They are never printed just to amuse you. if you can't figure out what to do, refer to zAurum project mailing lists, attend to forum(s) etc -- all the commonly encountered problems will be eventually found there (if not fixed in zAurum).

NEVER close the browser without logging out of your account first. Keep in mind that logging out will erase sensitive data (say, stored passphrase), whereas closing your browser will most probably leave these data-- a possible security leak.

NEVER use your browser «Back» and/or «Forward» buttons! This can result in forms data re-submitting; duplicate payments may occur -- and you most probably will be in trouble. If you press «Back» button by mistake, log out immediately. Record the displayed statistics data and continue payments from the spot where you have interrupted the process.

After zAurum is configured and launched, you should see the login prompt -- you are offered to choose ECP to pay with (currently only e-gold), enter account id and password (passphrase).

The whole cycle of using zAurum can be described as:

-- login to your ECP account; current balance will be displayed
-- submit records (payment data) to process. Those are CSV lines (see below), separated by new line characters
-- now perform one of the following actions:
a) Verify (one or more records): this do not transfer funds, but rather checks the input data.
b) Confirm (one or more records). The payment itself. This is what actually transfers funds. Please take care when performing multiple payment requests (for more than one records) without Verifying them first. Remember: all payments are final and not reversible!
c) Skip (one or more records). This allows you to skip the specified amount of records from processing, without terminating the whole application by logging out
-- When there are no more processed/skipped records, a text are input form will appear agin -- you can send more CSV records and continue transferring funds if you like

Payment records should be entered in CSV form, such as

"999999","21.45","EUR","Payment for hosting","2003-PlanA-client10023"

if you wish to pay e-gold account 999999 21.45 Euro worth of gold; the two last strings are memo and merchant reference strings; they may be empty.

NOTE: you can use any currency e-gold supports; i.e. the following currency names (refer to currency codes for more information): "USD", "CAD", "FRF", "CHF", "GBP", "DEM", "AUD", "JPY", "EUR", "BEF", "ATS", "GRD", "ESP", "IEP", "ITL", "LUF", "NLG", "PTE", "FIM", "EEK", "LTL"

You can also specify "g" when paying in grams of gold or "oz", if paying in ounces.

A Detailed statistics button allows you to view the records for skipped and processed data. All these records are in CSV form; one can just cut'n'paste them out of browser window and store for future use.

Logging out will also display the statistics. It is a good idea to save the whole «logged out» page: you perhaps will need all the data accumulated.